FAQ's - IMAGIO Glass Design - FAQs_-3

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  1. Is the glass tempered?
  2. Yes

  1. How thick is the backsplash glass?
  2. ¼”

  1. Will the glass withstand high heat?
  2. Yes, up to approximately 750 degrees

  1. Are the edges on the glass finished?
  2. Yes, all edges are polished leaving a seamless appearance.

  1. Is the design imaged directly to glass or is it a film?
  2. All our glass is digitally imaged directly to the 2nd surface (or backside) to create depth and maximize the resolution

  1. What type glass do you use?
  2. AGC Clearvision® colorless low iron glass for maximum clarity and color

  1. Do you measure & install?
  2. Yes

  1. What’s the largest area of glass that can be imaged without seams?
  2. 8 ft. x 4 ft.

  1. How do you clean the glass?
  2. Standard glass cleaner

  1. Is there a warranty on the glass?
  2. Yes, call 888-998-0010 for more information

  1. What is your service area?
  2. The 48 contiguous United States

  1. What if I can’t find a design I like?
  2. Our designers can assist in creating a custom design

  1. What adhesive does IMAGIO use when installing a backsplash?
  2. Clear silicone

  1. How are outlets handled?
  2. Cutouts are made in the glass. Standard outlet covers can be used or your design can be imaged on glass outlet covers. It is recommended that outlets be moved from the backsplash area to the area under the cabinetry.

  1. Can a customer use their own artwork?
  2. Yes. Photos must be a minimum of 300 dpi. Other types of artwork can be scanned.

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