Make Your Kitchen Truly Unique with a 
Solid Glass Backsplash

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The IMAGIO art collection includes designs created by renowned
local and national artists.

  • Rocco Pisto
  • Dominic Pangborn
  • Maria DeSimone Prascak


Beautiful photography collections from renowned local and national photographers.

  • Jan Kaulins
  • JP Diroll
  • Kenneth Cole
  • Will Dickey

Natural Tile & Stone

IMAGIO has captured the beauty of natural tile and stone and imaged it on glass. Enjoy the beauty of natural tile and stone without the hassle of grout, stains and annual maintenance.


Everyone has their own individual style. Perhaps geometric patterns is yours. Check out our collections and see if one fits your style.

If you don't find a pattern that fits your style, our artists can help you capture a pattern that is uniquely yours.

Be Inspired
Explore How Glass
Can Enrich Your Space

We believe that your living space should reflect your personality and style.

IMAGIO Glass Design has created a proprietary process to image designs onto glass to
create a space that is as unique as you. 

IMAGIO Glass Design is at the forefront of the use of interior decorative glass in residential and commercial applications in the United States and is proudly displayed at these authorized dealers.

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Great workmanship. Dedicated to details! Beautiful work with beautiful results! Hard working team. Great experience from start to finish! Jane S.